Adult Programs

The purposes of Adult Religious Education at St. Philip-in-the-Field are to deepen our religious understanding and spiritual development, to cultivate and develop friendships, and to support and pass on the traditions of Christian and Evangelical teachings. Offerings include one-time events held either on a weeknight or after church on Sunday, or multi-session groups that meet on a weekly basis. Please contact the church office at 215-233-0409 for additional information on our current active study groups.

Home Church We are currently operating two Home Churches – one on alternate Monday evenings, and one on second and fourth Tuesday evenings. We read a Bible book or a book relating to religion, have a very lively discussion and enjoy refreshments. Sessions run from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. and are open to everyone, single or couple, old or young.

Discussion Group Most of our discussion groups meet in the evening, sometimes at church, sometimes in the homes of parishioners. We have read many of the the books of the Bible and have learned as much from each others interpretations as we have from the text.